Friends, hearty welcome to all of you. Now I am going to help with my blog. It is my personal website to help you and it is only for any type of technology. Here I want to sure you that nowadays technologies are increasing day to day life. We can’t do anything without any technology. Many problems solve only for technology. So people always want to use it in every situation.


Before it was developing very slowly. But now people always want to do their work better and smarter than others and always want to remain in top place. So they are using it speedily. You all know about technology better than me so I don’t want to give any data about it.

Also You and Iknow that, Now most of people using Social media like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat, and, IMO, etc. You can get a lot of websites about these but some of these are maybe fraud and fake things. Their group links and stickers are not working well. You can get only an error or a revoked option. If you want to get real things then you are in the right place. I have created this blog only for you. I will give you always correct, real and new things about technology. This is my post for you and here you can know about Whatsapp Emoji.

What is WhatsApp Emoji

Whatsapp is an instant messaging service that is a highly rated application. We can share our messages, images, and videos with our friends and family members.

‘EMOJI’ is a Japanese word and it is a singular noun whose plural is emojis. Sometimes when we chat with our relatives or boy/girlfriends, we become tired of typing our thoughts or emotions. That time we need to give any shortcut symbol and we give emoji and stickers as a shortcut. We can use it in Whatsapp very easily and feel relax.

At first, emoji originated in 1997 but it became most popular in 2010 all over the World. When it was using, first they used only text-based but now everyone using picture-based. It is the inspiration of many sources that are valuable for everyone. When pictogram emoji used everyone that time it was created a set of 176 12*12 pixels. It is a feature of messaging to communicate with others through electronic and digital communications. It serves different from other services.

Why we use Emoji?

Here everyone will be thinking that why we will use Emojis instead of Stickers. We use stickers in any normal situation but sometimes our mind becomes out of control. We get either happier or sorrowful. At that time we use a group sticker in a single frame.  In another language ‘EMOJIS’ mean a group of Stickers.


When we are in a happy mood or sorrow mood, we send Smiley or unhappy emoji respectively. It controls both our mind and physical strength. When we share our emotions with everyone we needn’t use our mind power and physical power more time. Only we have to choose the right and perfect Emoji.

Creation of Emoji Sticker

Harvey Ball was an Artist. One day he wrongly drew a circle and put two dots as his eye and curved a line as his mouth. Finally this picture made huge popularity. He also became gained popular in his country. Every people accepted it eagerly. Speed some artists inverted that type of stickers a lot and these stickers and emoji populated everywhere.


1-Smiling Emoji

2- Emoji for Friendship

3-Emoji for Couple

4-Emoji for veteran

5-Emoji for fighting mood

6- only for love


At last, I want to inform you that don’t be worry about my content, I will update more emoji Whatsapp stickers for you. If you are facing any trouble about it, then contact me either Email Id or below comment box which has given below. Also you can give me positive suggestion to me which will be a acquired knowledge for me. My websites is always dedicated for you and I want your good wishes forever.

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